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Coaching Slate

2023|2024 Coaching Slate

Members of San Antonio City Soccer Club- 

We are excited to announce the our Coaching Slate for 23|24 Season!  The growth from the current season has granted us opportunities to provide a new level of competition for all our select programs.  We are looking forward to continuing our pathway and building soccer for all of the City.

Interested in the upcoming season? We encourage you to register for the Player Observation!

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06/05B ECNL Adriano Allain
06/05B ECNL-RL Lance Pringle
06/05B Red East Eric Poulter
06/05B White East Dallas Longfellow
06/05B White West Juan Pinela
07B ECNL Adriano Allain
07B ECNL-RL Bart Valerio
07B Red East Dallas Longfellow
08B ECNL Luis Padilla
08B ECNL-RL Bart Valerio
08B Red East Dylan Trevino
08B Red West Mahntie Reeves
09B ECNL Jason Adkins
09B ECNL-RL Lance Pringle
09B Red East Randy Holland
09B Red West Rene Medellin
09B Red North Mariano Herrera
10B ECNL Jason Adkins
10B ECNL-RL Lance Pringle
10B Red East Mike Hansen
10B Red West Rene Medellin
11B ECNL Luis Padilla
11B ECNL-RL  Bart Valerio
11B Red East Mike Hansen (Specht)
11B Red West Luis Gonzalez
11B White West Matt McLaughlin
12B Pre-ECNL Nacho Dicun
12/13B Red East Nacho Dicun
12B Red West Ricardo Melendez
12B White East Eric Poulter
12B White West Juan Pinela
12B Blue East Dallas Longfellow
13B Red West  Edgar De Santiago
13B White West  Danny Cricchio
13B Red East (MH) Mike Hansen (Specht)
13B White East (RM) Ricardo Melendez
13B Blue East Dylan Trevino



06/05G GA Pete Palomino/Kevin Driggs
06/05G Red West SCL Paulo Cid de Leon
06/05G Red East Randy Holland
06/05G White West Edgar de Santiago
06G Red North Mariano Herrera
07G GA Beto Del Toro
07G Red West SCL Paulo Cid de Leon
08G GA Pete Palomino/Kevin Driggs
08G Red West Luis Gonzalez
09G GA Beto Del Toro
09G Red West Rene Medellin
09G Red North Mariano Herrera
10G GA Beto Del Toro
10G Red East Randy Holland
10G Red West Danny Del Toro
11G GA Jose Esparza
11G Red East David Vega
11G Red West Mahntie Reeves
11G White West Danny Del Toro
12G Pre-GA David Vega
12G Red North Fernando Figueroa
12G Red West Paulo Cid de Leon
12G White East Randy Holland
13G PreGA Ashley Garrison (Specht)
13G Red West Nic Ibargue

College Placement Director - Kevin Driggs

Goalkeeper Coaches - Fernando Grignan and Igor Nunes