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Social Media FAQ


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Welcome to the Resources!

Click the below tabs to learn more about, Financial Aid, Uniforms, Team Managers, Soccer Forms, Protocols, Trainers, and more! 

How To Use VEO

  1. Turn on the VEO Camera 5 Mins before the game start time
  2.  Open your device and go to the web browser (Not the app)
  3. Search
  4. From here follow the steps to connect to VEO Wifi 
  5. After connecting, go back to the website and refresh the page
  6. Now, you are able to record the game by pressing on the red button
  7. Stop recording by pressing the red button again
  8. Make Sure to Label the game by Which Team and Which Half
  9. Turn off the Veo after the game to save the battery life for the next game