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What are the available levels of play at SA CITY?

  • Premier League (PL)
  • Texas Champions League (TCL)
  • State Classics League (SCL)
  • United Soccer Clubs (USC) West
  • Division I (DI)
  • Super II (SII)
  • Division (II)

How are tryout dates selected?

Tryout dates are given and allowed by the associations. The club must abide by the approved dates in order to have tryouts.

Do we attend all days of tryouts?

It is recommended that you come to all days if possible. If you have a conflict on any of the 3 days, it is important that you communicate with the coach that is leading your session.

How are teams made?

For current San Antonio City Soccer Club players, making teams is a year-long process. Our staff is continuously communicating about players and their development throughout the year. Our directors keep in contact with staff and make sure players are put on a team that is best suited for their development. Our players attend our Player Placement Event (PPE) for each age group where we offer spots on our teams.

For new players, we invite them to our PPE in May and June. We have sessions for each age group (U11-U19). This is the “tryout” time period which determines teams for the next year(August-June) and any new player is invited to sign up. Teams are formed and players may secure a spot on a team once they have paid the commitment fee.

How long is my player committed to one team/club?

The team your child makes at our Player Placement Event is determined as a player on that roster. A player can move amongst teams throughout the year if playing a level up or down is determined as a better position for the player. A player may also be moved to play with an older age division if deemed appropriate to the player’s development.

This communication will happen throughout the year from the coach or program director to the player/parent as needed.

A season is considered from commitment in May/June to the next calendar year end – end of 1st week of June.

How long is the season?

The season begins in early August with practices beginning in the second week. This fall season runs until Christmas break (for most public schools). The spring season begins in the second to third week of January and continues through the 1st week of June.

Are tournaments included in the cost?

Tournaments are not included in registration fees. We do not know the cost of the tournament(s) a team will be registered in at the time of registration in May. Tournaments and showcases teams attend is dependent upon the level of the team and can range depending on the tournament location and other determining factors.

Where do the teams practice?

There are currently three possible practice facilities. STAR Soccer Complex, McAllister Park Lower Bee or Anderson fields, and North West Fields. You may request a practice location, however, we may recommend the best team fit for your player and will let you know where that team practices.

It is important you let us know your practice location preference when you attend our PPE or when you sign up for a Player Opportunity Event.

How many practices a week are required?

SACSC holds 2-3 training sessions per week dependent on the level of play and determined by our DOC (Director of Coaching). U11-U19 will have a minimum of 2 training sessions per week. Some teams may practice 3 times per week.

What are SA CITY Staff qualifications?

Staff qualifications are listed on the coaching staff tab on our website. We highly encourage our staff to continue and advance their coaching licenses throughout their coaching career with SA CITY. Some licenses include:

  • USSF F, D, E, C, and B
  • NSCAA Advanced Diplomas
  • NSCAA Special Topic Diplomas
  • UEFA B/A
  • USSF Goalkeeping

Who will coach SA CITY teams?

We list coaching assignments prior to PPE’s in May. This list is emailed by our Director of Coaching (DOC) and is available at the Player Placement Event.

How much are club fees for select teams for the 2018-2019 season?

The cost ranges depending upon the level of teams due to the different prices of association fees, potential trainer travel, etc. The cost may also range dependent upon the number of practices a week. Fees are posted in our commitment packets.

Any questions on payment arrangements please email


Are uniforms included in the cost?

No, the uniform is not included in the training fees. The uniforms remain the same for 2 years. This Fall, the club uniform cycle begins August 2018-Spring 2020

our protocols

Communication Protocol

Organizational Chart- Depending upon whether your questions are soccer related or administrative, the basic organizational chart highlighting the communication flow is shown below. Specifically regarding your young soccer player, email and text are useful forms of communication, however scheduled face to face conversations are often much more efficient and effective.

SA CITY Lightning Protocol

San Antonio City Soccer Club Procedures – Updated 8/27/2014

Lightning can strike quickly and unexpectedly, and it can be deadly. We do not take chances with lightning. Obey all lightning policies in place at any park, field, facility, event.

In addition:

● If you can see lightning then you should leave the field, and any open space including the parking lot and take cover inside a vehicle or building.

● Return to field/play should occur a minimum of twenty (20) minutes after the most recent sighting of lightning if it is clear the storm has passed, and thirty (30) minutes if it is not clear the storm has passed, on the radar.

● Understanding of SAFE lightning shelters is essential.

● SAFE evacuation sites include:
○ Fully enclosed metal vehicles with windows up.
○ Substantial buildings.
○ The low ground. Seek cover in clumps of bushes.

○ All outdoor metal objects like flag poles, fences and gates, high mast light poles, metal bleachers, golf cars, machinery, etc.
○ AVOID trees.
○ AVOID water.
○ AVOID open fields.
○ AVOID the high ground.

● Lightning’s distance from you is easy to calculate: if you hear thunder, it and the associated lightning are within auditory range…about 6-8 miles away. The distance from Strike A to Strike B also can be 6-8 miles. Ask yourself why you should NOT go to shelter immediately. A good lightning safety motto is: “If you can see it (lightning) flee it; if you can hear it (thunder), clear it.”

● Wait a minimum of 30 minutes from the last observed lightning or thunder before resuming activities. This can be reduced to 20 minutes, if it is absolutely clear and the storm cell has passed. If you have any doubts, then use 30 minutes.

● People who have been struck by lightning do not carry an electrical charge and are safe to handle. Apply first aid immediately if you are qualified to do so. Get emergency help promptly.

● A coach should never ask players to ‘quickly pick up equipment’ before evacuating the fields because of lightning.

Concussion Protocol

ImPACT on-field Cognitive Test


Ask the athlete the following questions:
What stadium is this? What month is is?
What city is this? What day is it?
Who is the opposing team?

Anterograde amnesia

Have the athlete repeat the following words:
Girl, dog, green Cat, blue, boy

Retrograde amnesia

Ask the athlete the following questions:

– What happened in the most recent quarter/period?
– What do you remember just before you were hit?
– What was the score of the game just before you were hit?
– Do you remember the hit?

Ask the athlete to….
Repeat the days of the week backwards, starting with today
Repeat these numbers backwards:
63 (36 is correct) 419 (914 is correct)
71 (17 is correct) 956 (659 is correct)

Word list memory
Ask the athlete…
Can you tell me the three words I asked you to remember earlier?
girl, dog, green
cat, blue, boy

Symptoms Reported By Athlete

Headache or “Pressure” in head Nausea or vomiting
Balance problems or dizziness Double or blurry vision
Sensitivity to light and noise Feeling sluggish, hazy, foggy, or groggy
Concentration or memory problems Confusion
Does not “feel right”

If you would like FREE concussion training whether you are a parent, player or coach click the link below –

Concussion Training Now “Brain Training” 

A concussion is caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body.
A concussion can happen even if you haven’t been knocked out.
If you think you have a concussion, you should not return to play on the day of the injury and not until a health care professional says you are OK to return to play.
A concussion is a brain injury that affects how your brain works.

Still want to know more? For more information visit:
Brain Heroes

Financial Assistance

Please complete the ‘Financial Aid’ form to apply.

Please complete the following sections of the 4506-T: 1A and 1B, 2A and 2B (if filing jointly), 3, and 4. DO

NOT FILL OUT any other fields. Please sign where indicated.

Only ONE application per family is required, regardless of the number of children you have in the club. NO AWARD will be considered without the completed application.

***Both sets of paperwork must be turned in together. Financial aid paperwork must include player’s team name.

Please submit all questions to  or 210.880.5772 x3.